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Lyke, woah bitches!

name: Natasha (since my name is ahsatan backwards, you can call me satan if you wish).


location: PEI, Canada (good luck trying to find that on a map)

favorite bands: cheap sex, AFI, AGT, metric, rancid (old stuff AND new), the unseen, South Central Riot squad (hey, they make me laugh), tiger army, the horropops, 12 step rebels, etc. Oh, it goes on.

favorite cheap sex song:Either Raped by the FCC or If Society (If Society was the first cheap sex song I ever heard.)

anything else: Uh... I like the smell of gas stations? And... um... cheap sex is grrreat!
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haha i'm from alberta... you're not alone
I'm from Ontario..woot for us Canadians eh? hehe

I like the smell of gas stations too:=D

Canada DOES rule.

you should add me, yo.
Oh man, I have had a friend names Natasha for years and I never knew it was Ahsatan backwards! I am always learning with you! <3

All you lucky Canadians, I want to live there! Who wants to let me live/visit with them? seriously.. my dad said he would take me to Canada!
haha, call her satan from now on. When she asks why, don't tell her.

You could stay here...except for that my mom would freak out. haha. If you go to Canada, visit PEI, though!!!! It's a great little island with lots of beaches. DON'T VISIT DURING THE WINTER.
i will keep that ALL in mind. =]